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India is renowned for its wildlife
and has many National Parks
Corbett Go See Tigers   Home - Corbett Go See Tigers
Some parks have this animal

Some have this one
Corbett Go See Tigers   Home - Corbett Go See Tigers

All have some wonderful Birds

Corbetts Natural Beauty & Wildlife - Corbetts Natural Beauty & Wildlife

But perhaps the best is Corbett National Park

Corbett National park is Birdlovers Paradise
About half of the total species found in the entire Indian subcontinent are found here ! You can see Ospreys,
 Eagles, owls, orioles, drongos, thrushes,
cuckoos, doves, bee eaters, rollers,
flycatchers, warblers, robins, chats, finches,

forktails, hornbills,parakeets, kingfishers,
and many many more.
Over 575 species in fact

Keoladeo Ghana National Park more popularly known as
Bharatpur  is India's best known bird sanctuary
and boasts only 400

Birdwatching - Corbett. . .  Natures finest !

It is also one of the best places in the world
for observing birds of prey

Crested Serpent Eagle

Many of these birds are migratory and the park forms a natural crossroad
and a meeting ground for our feathered friends
from high altitude areas
and both Eastern, and Western, regions.

There are 50 + species of Mammals

The major mammals that can found in Corbett national park are Chital, Elephant, Wild Boar, Barking Deer, Sambar, Common Langur, Hog Deer, Rhesus Macaque, Jackal, Leopard, Otters,
 Sloth Bears . . . .
and of course 200 + Tigers.

Jim Corbett National Park is a Haven for many species of wildlife
The great thing about Corbett is that they are all together in one place !
and best of all they are all in their 100% natural environment.

Here in Corbett Life is not a "circus" 
If you want to see guaranteed Tigers. .
Go to the zoo !

Corbett is not at all like that. Corbett National park is a very special place,
and a sight worth seeing in its own right.
Any animals seen there are an added bonus.

Corbetts beauty is surpassed only by the natural riches of its wildlife
 of which there is an abundance,  d
ue to its varied climate and habitats
there is a great diversity in the fauna of Corbett national park

In addition to over 575 Species of birds, from aquatic to woodland
there are more than 30 species of Reptiles and Amphibians
Including Crocodiles both MUGGERS and GHARIAL

If you wish to see the animals you need to be . . . .
quiet observant enthusiastic and willing to wait that extra little while
And if you are . .
your patience will usually be rewarded in full

Problem is . .

When do you go to see them ?

How do you go to see them ?

Where do you stay ?

How much does it cost ?

How do you get there ?
For all the answers to these questions and any others you may have please read on . . .

We are ...
The Tigerteam

Jim Corbett Park is our backyard
We are based in Dhikuli Garjia
To anyone that does'nt already know the splendour of Corbett
 Dhikuli is a small village in the "Buffer" zone of Corbett.
 It is within a few kilometres of Ramnagar train station.

Dhikuli is the best place to be based
for stays
and safari's into Corbett !!

All the best Hotels are here !
Same accommodations as used by all well known tour operators
Including Kuoni  &  Cox & King  two of the top operators

There are accommodations to suit all budgets

Transfers are easily arranged to/from Ramnagar
or indeed direct transportation to/from Delhi.

It would be our pleasure to arrange all your needs
such as. .
And all at the best possible price

All Forest Rest House bookings
 Can be booked for you in advance making
this by far the easiest way to visit Corbett
and co-ordinate your Jeep/Elephant safaris

Try a few days inside the park then a few days outside
It is simple and give you the very best of both worlds

 IMPORTANT. . . To avoid disappointment

As is always the case with accommodation, and  tours !
Strictly 1st come, 1st served.
Please plan as far ahead as possible !!

What is tigersincorbett all about ?

   Well. . .   Heres a clue  



TIGERS - WILDLIFE - and Corbett National Park

and how you can get to see it all  ?


Tigersincorbett is unique because it offers a world class product
[Royal Bengal Tigers in their 100% natural environment]
amongst many other things

JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK is the 3rd Oldest national park in the world

We will take you there for fantastic holiday adventures to see these magnificent creatures but we will do so at local attraction prices not glossy brochure prices

Depending on your budget there is a every chance that you would stay at the same resort or hotel, and use the same safari company as you would if you booked with any top tour operator. The top operators dont offer a great choice of accommodations but Tigersincorbett offer every level just to suit you. 
We cannot say if your guide would be so good as one of ours, but once you have made a booking through that operator your choice is gone, not that you are offered a choice in the first place with any of those top operators

Your trips with Tigersincorbett are arranged for you, and if you go on tours or are taking jeep safaris, you will be cared for by caring locals, who are knowledgeable people, who have a keen and vested special personal interest in their local community, and its welfare, not to mention the now rare and beautiful wildlife of that area, which of course includes the Royal Bengal Tiger.

If you should choose to have a Canter safari to Dhikala zone, this is run by the park administration. We can make this booking for you but your guide will be park appointed. Canter safaris are nothing to do with Tigersincorbett
There are presently between 220 - 230 Royal bengal Tigers in Corbett NP 




takes you to an amazing world that has these 
fabulous totally wild animals in their natural environment 

It is no bother at all to add other tiger parks to an itinerary

because also available is a full service to the following places

Bandhavgarh - Kanha - Pench - Panna Ranthambhore
with stop offs at the Taj Mahal and Bharatpur en-route
and anything else in between if you so wish

Anything. . .
 That the top name travel agents and tour operators can offer
. . .    
we can do it for a lot less and without compromise on quality
Tigersincorbett has built its name to date on quality
and just as importantly by offering  Value for Money

That is something that is not going to change anytime soon


 These beautiful creatures are now fast disappearing from this planet


Corbett Snapshots - Corbetts Natural Beauty & Wildlife

The lights are growing dim for them

Corbett Snapshots - Corbetts Natural Beauty & Wildlife

You will never find a more affordable way of seeing them for sure

and never as happy as they are in their home.  Corbett is not a zoo


So. . 
What else can Tigersincorbett offer you

Birdwatching trips are a speciality


Wildlife photography & Movie making trips are no problem

Escorts for your assistance are supplied at your request

Transfers To/From Airport or train station
Accommodations - Safaris (Jeep & elephant)
Advance Permits will be obtained wherever possible 
Guides & Excurcusions to other nearby attractions are an everyday thing

There is also

Whitewater rafting & Rappelling


[Untitled]    [Untitled]   Mother Natures Dream come true - Corbett. . .  Natures finest !



  Yoga in Rishikesh


 At the foothills of the Himalayas along the banks of the sacred Ganges is




Yoga for All - Corbett. . .  Natures finest !

Rishikesh is home to many ashrams

Namely. . . Vivekenanda - Sivananda - Osho - & Bihar school of yoga
There are many others too
Rishikesh is a fabulous place to experience classic Indian yoga.This discipline may be less precise for students used to the precision of western classes however having a more relaxed more spiritual atmosphere, it's an enjoyable place to discover what India offers.
Rishikesh is more relaxed than other parts of India
perhaps because people have religion on their minds ?
This peaceful ashram centre is certainly one of the more atmospheric places
in India. Most people are very friendly and are quick to say hello or namaste
As the sun rises from behind the mountains, and cuts through the fog, locals
wash in the river, as Hindu's they believe this can remove layers of karma.

As a pilgrimage point . . .                      
Rishikesh greets many devout Hindus and wandering "sadhus" or "Holy men"
With live temple chanting setting the atmosphere          
Beginning around 4 am, the chants float across the water until well after dark

There are night time fire pujas                                                        
Ceremonial offerings where hundreds of camphor flame leaf boats float picturesquely on the river
The ashram centre located on either side of a footbridge over the river has great restaurants,
great  bookshops,  and  e-mail  places, so there is  little  need  to visit  the commercial centre 
Being a holy city Rishikesh is totally vegetarian you won't even find an egg there.
Every year in the first week of February in Rishikesh is an International Yoga Festival


There is something for everyone a
nd . .   at all levels novice - Expert

 Is this your idea of relaxing ?


Maybe you are an Angler

"Fishing"         in the Himalayas doesnt begin with a cast.

First, you have to hike through the cliffs of the Sarda Gorge
where the slipping of a foothold can cost you your life.
Then you have to walk past the tiger in the night."
or so someone famous once said .

Well . . . That certainly used to be the case !
Now we use Jeeps to get you where you want to be !
Or. . . you can still walk its up to you

Northern India, Uttranchal, and Corbett in particular
provides some of the best opportunities to catch Mahseer 
The"Tiger" of the river             
is the finest freshwater sporting fish in the whole World.

Angling Trips for Beginners or Experts - Corbett. . .  Natures finest !
Nothing will compare to the thrill of landing
one of these most magnificent of creatures
The second this fish takes the bait, it wont be the only one "Hooked"
A large powerful fish it is the undisputed king of the Himalayan rivers

It is the largest member of the Carp family
Mahseer means Great mouth in India

Experienced anglers have even recommended sea fishing tackle
n favour of regular 
 or even carp rods when going after these monsters
When they strike they strike very hard Heading straight for fast water taking
with them very much line. 
They are extremely powerful opponents and will
need much skill
every bit as much strength and determination to land one
As much as 150 - 250 meters of line can quickly be gone from your reel
It will drag you through the water and around huge rocks in its struggle

You will know when you have hooked one for sure

and . . Will provide a great story to tell
to your friends back home
From the sheer excitment of the battle
To the magnificence of the surrounds of the Himalayan Vista
you will be in awe
In rivers where you have tranquil stretches turning into rapids
From Shallows through to very deep water coursing through gorges
carving away at the rocks as it runs through the landscape
creating yet more of the stunning scenery that is so beautiful

Angling Trips for Beginners or Experts - Corbett. . .  Natures finest !

Picturing the backdrop of the Himalayas,
and h
earing the gentle lapping, to the
loud "ROAR" of the river creates an image
 that will stay with you for evermore 
There is something for every class of angler
rom novice right through to expert

Angling Trips for Beginners or Experts - Corbett. . .  Natures finest !

Brown and Rainbow trout are also abundant in numbers
as are Catfish, Needlefish, Goonch, and so many more
When all this is added to the ambient climate of this region
this does makes for a fantastic all round fishing experience
You and your party can go for as many
or as few days as you wish !
For Business, leisure, or special interest 
  there is something for everyone of any age from anywhere   


. . .
and at a budget to suit all pockets


             Your parties individual requirements will all be catered for

A totally escorted service is available
 for solo travellers or parties


                    All nationalities CLICK HERE


Where exactly is Corbett national park ?
Map DataMap data ©2011 Europa Technologies, Google, Mapabc - Terms of Use
Map Data
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 Getting there could not be easier

A plane to Delhi and a train or car to Corbett and that is all arranged for you too

Corbett is situated in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.
It is a naturally stunningly beautiful place

Corbett Snapshots - Corbetts Natural Beauty & Wildlife





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