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The Jim Corbett National Park was established as India’s first National Park on 8th August 1936. Originally called the Hailey National Park after Sir Malcolm Hailey, it was later renamed The Ramganga National Park, but was finally renamed in honour of the famous local conservationist Jim Corbett after his death in 1953. It was home to the launch of the Indian Government’s Project Tiger programme in 1972 – probably the greatest undertaking in the history of natural conservation. It is now home to the greatest population and density of wild tigers in the world. For more information visitwww.corbettnationalpark.inor the Jim Corbett National Park page in Wikipedia


No matter what you are told, nobody can guarantee wild tiger sightings – if you want guarantees then you should go to the nearest zoo! However…..

Tigers in Corbett is a family run business, committed to responsible, ethical, sustainable and environmentally sound eco-tourism. As well as providing a service to our clients we are involved in a number of environmentally based projects within the local community and we are convinced that natural resources such as The Corbett National Park can only exist through engagement with the local community. We regularly work with local schools helping them to improve their facilities and raising awareness of wildlife conservation.

Tigers in Corbett was founded in 2007 by Ramesh Suyal with help from his late friend Mr Christopher Sparrow. Ramesh grew up in a village located within the park; his father, Mr Kulomani Suyal, had originally been a licensed hunter in the park but he became the first of his generation to realise that this was not sustainable and turned his efforts toward conservation instead. In the early 1970’s the Indian Government made the decision to close a number of villages within the park and Kulomani Suyal took a lead role in convincing his peers that this was necessary to prevent destruction of the region as a wildlife sanctuary.

Ramesh has taken on his father’s philosophy and with his own family, is committed to sharing the wonders of the Park with visitors to the region in a sustainable manor. In 2014 Ramesh was awarded the Billy Arjan Singh award as Wildlife Guide of the Year in recognition of his ethical approach. http://www.toftigers.org/SanctuaryTOFTigersAwards/Winners2014.aspx

Many of our clients from across the world return again and again so beware…..Visiting Corbett can be very addictive!

In addition to the standard safari trips, bespoke experiences can be tailored to clients’ needs and aspirations – this can include:

  • trekking in the Himalayan foothills, visiting areas of beauty well off the ordinary tourist trails and including overnight stays in remote unspoiled villages with enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides;
  • Involvement in local community projects;
  • Safaris tailored to bird spotting in mountainous regions;
  • Fishing for Mahseer and Catfish in local rivers
  • Visits to historical sites such as the Jim Corbett museum or the locations referred to in Jim Corbett’s books on man-eaters (or anywhere else in the region that takes the fancy);
  • Visits to local spiritual sites such as the famous and beautiful temple at Garjia or the Manila Devi Temple;

Tigers in Corbett offers a unique home-stay opportunity in our family home – “Sparrows Nest” in Ramnagar. Comfortable air-conditioned en suite rooms and excellent authentic Kumaoni home cooked food, plus the opportunity to engage with the younger members of the Suyal family – who are already following in the family tradition by developing into accomplished naturalists! (Include photos of the family and Sparrow nest or link to page)

This all adds up to a unique, authentic and highly personalised experience – we can’t guarantee that you will see a tiger, but we do guarantee to put you in the best possible position to do so! Even if you are unlucky on this occasion there is so much more to see and experience in Corbett and we are enthusiastic promoters for our region!!


Sparrow Nest Corbett Home Stay is situated among the vast farming land, Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Corbett National Park. The Homestay offers a home like feeling and care from home away at Sparrow nest Corbett Homestay. Homestay also offers delicious home cooked food.

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